Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Vatborn Hordes

My players converted their characters over to 13th Age and we ran through the beginning of a dungeon. They're currently in the district of Soma, investigating the lair of a rogue Dirz Biopsist (mad scientist biologist guy who clones monsters and such). They ran into a few clones and won the day. The battle went okay. I managed to do some serious damage to the Wolfen Fighter but never felt like the outcome was in doubt. For my first 13th Age battle as a DM, that's probably for the best.

I created three monsters and attacked them with two (the third lays in wait for them in the next encounter). They're a scrapper and a defensive, both second level, taken pretty much straight from the basic stat line. Here are the mobs, comments and criticism welcome and appreciated:

First is the Halberdier. They wear blue robes, have pallid skin, and wield a giant halberd. I figured they look kinda sickly but have a giant weapon so I made them into scrappers based loosely on the human thug in the basic book. The Halberd is a little slow to swing which is reflected in their initiative. Because of their high to hit, I lowered the extra damage on next attack to +4 since that could get deadly quickly. The "Step Back" ability is due to the length of the halberd. I thought if they missed, there would be a chance they could distance themselves from the target using the long reach of their weapon.

Here's an example (yes, red robes) of what they look like (not painted by me):

Dirz Halberdier:
Level 2 Scrapper [Humanoid, Clone]
Initiative: +2
Halberd: +10 vs. AC - 7 damage
16+ +4 to damage on next attack
Step Back: Natural odd miss: Can immediately save to disengage.
AC: 18
PD: 16, MD: 12
HP: 25

The basic clone makes up the bulk of the Syhar armies. They're a little more defensive minded, being armed with a mace or sword and a shield. I chose the defensive type and added a defensive posture kind of like the fighter as well as a nasty debuff. Because of the debuff, I lowered the normal damage slightly.

Here's a picture (again, not me):

Dirz Clone:
Level 2 Troop (defensive) [Humanoid, Clone]
Initiative: +3
Mace: +7 vs. AC - 6 damage
Nerve Shot: 16+ Target is dazed (save ends)
Even Miss: +2 to Defenses
AC: 20
PD: 16
MD: 14
HP: 25

The flesh pests are little constructs made of leftover flesh and bone. I figured their saliva was poisonous but probably didn't get activated very often.

Flesh Pests:
Level 2 Mook [Construct, Clone]
Initiative +1
Claw Hooks: +7 vs AC - 5 Damage
18+ ongoing poison damage/2
AC: 18
PD: 16
MD: 12

HP: 9

Overall, the Dirz army allows for a wide variety of interesting opponents to fight against. Not all the clones are humanoid and a bunch of them have various combat drug abilities that can boost defenses or attacks. Since I'm still feeling out the system, I'm wary of creating a whole bunch of these guys. I don't have many ideas on how to represent these effects and need some more time with the mechanics lest I TPK on a poorly thought out ability.

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