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The Races of Cadwallon, Take Two

The Races of Cadwallon, Take Two

After thinking about some of the feedback I received on the first attempt at this, I monkeyed with some of the racial powers. I've also added a couple more types of humans, the minotaur, and elves. I've got a couple where I've listed options cuz I'm having trouble coming up with what should happen. I think we'll probably play test it all the different ways and see what happens. Maybe it'll spur some more creative thinking. Also, hopefully you'll find this better edited. :)


The dwarves have populated Aarklash ever since the beginning of the Creation. They believe to have been conceived and named by the gods at the same time as the other races.
The dwarves are known for their extraordinary stamina. They share an intimate link with the earth and have a natural tendency to dwell in subterranean locations or isolated on vast plains. They are reluctant to move and hate strangers. Finally, they possess a sharp sense of the community: even though they might come from different regions and meet for the first time, two dwarves would feel shared trust at once.
Males are rather hirsute. Bearing a dense and decorated beard is not a social imperative, although it is wide spread. Females are less hairy than their brethren, but just as stout. Dwarves fingers and limbs, being smaller than other races, predispose them to the activities requiring agility and precision.

Dwarves add +2 to Con or +2 to Int

Science!: Dwarves may be Engineers. Add +1 to checks requiring fine motor skills like precision engineering and picking locks.
Tough as Nails: Dwarves start with the toughness feat at adventurer level and gain +1 to PD


The elves have paid a heavy tribute to History; their race is no more one people, but three: Akkyshan Elves, Cynwäll and Daïkinee. Besides culture, these factions distinguish themselves from the others by minor morphological differences.


Akkyshans are often capable of seeing in the dark without any trouble. Some rare warriors received the blessing of their goddess, Lilith, and where blessed with arachnid features: additional members, strength and overdeveloped reflexes, etc

The Akkyshan elves gain +2 to Dex or +2 to Cha

Venom of the Spider Queen:
Gain a +2 to saving throws made against ongoing Poison damage. In addition per battle deal ongoing poison damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage equals 5 times your level. (For example, at 3rd level you would deal 15 ongoing damage against a single  target.) As usual, a normal save (11+) ends the damage. A critical hit doesn’t double this ongoing damage.
Champion Feat: Once per day, you can instead use cruel to deal 5 ongoing damage per level against a target you have missed or had a natural odd attack roll against. (Yes, you could even deal the ongoing damage with a natural 1; you’re that cruel.)
(A reskin of the existing cruel power for dark elves, the only change is to switch the damage type to poison so it might not work on constructs and other such beings).


The elves of Cynwäll origin are a little taller and stronger than their fellow creatures, but live far from the heart of Quithayran. They do not feel fear of heights.

Cynwall elves gain +2 to Cha or +2 to Int

Students of the mind: Gain +2 MD, gain 2 background points to be used in some sort of mental discipline (e.g. monk, ascetic. DM’s decision)
Maybe needs something else?

Diakinee Elves

Daïkinees form the original stem of the elven race. They live closest to the forest of Quithayran and still follow a sylvan existence. Many of them maintain a symbiosis with animals or plants, which feed from the Elves’ bodies, strengthen or protect them. The Daïkinee women suffer from a curse cast by Scaëlin, the matriarch of Akkyshans: they die shortly after giving birth to the fruit of their first union with a male Daïkinee.

A Diakinee character gains +2 Dex or +2 Con.

Daikinee characters get Elven Grace (renamed to something like Desperate Energy since a hero with a strong connection to King Menryl will probably be looking for a way to lift the curse at least in the back of his or her mind).


There is not a place goblins have not settled. Those of Cadwallon are one of the oldest communities and most thriving. Like all the representatives of their race, the Cadwë goblins
quarrel for the control of the goods and the money generated from its commerce. Besides, they considerably influence the geography of the city, which has to take into account their small size and their high birth rate.

Goblins gain +2 Dex or +2 Int

Blessing of Uraken: Goblins can be engineers, alchemists, or ninjas
Ubiquity: Goblins get +2 to any checks made to hide while in urban environments
Small: Goblins gain +2 AC vs Opportunity Actions
One of the crowd: Goblins gain + 1 to defenses for each nearby ally, up to a maximum of +2 or +3


The humans, stemming from the mythical continent of Kel, arrived on Aarklash at the dawn of the age of the Rebirth. Chased away from their native land, the people of Kel sailed off to find new horizons to be conquered. Alas, not all agreed on how to proceed and soon discord appeared. The human race split up as it took over the continent. Men tore themselves to pieces over excessive ambition, in the name of an ideology or religion; thus, they created powerful civilizations under the sun, caressed by the wind or eager for blood. Very soon, some chose to follow the Ways of Light, the others preferred to trust the Paths of Destiny, the others even got lost in Meanders of Darkness.

Humans add +2 to any stat
Humans gain an extra feat at first level

Cultural Abilities:


Unwavering Faith: Their faith in Merin is the compass that guides the Akkylannie hero. Gain a +1 to MD and a +2 to save against Charm and Confusion effects
Benediction of Merin: Once per battle, an Akkylannie character can add 1d4 to the roll of a nearby ally.


Against the Odds: The citizens of the Empire of the Lion are brave to the point of foolhardy. Gain a +2 bonus to saves made against fear and terror effects.
Dig Deep: During the battle, a Barhan character can rally a second time without having to make a save. Any subsequent rallies follow the normal rules.


Ceaseless industry: Growing up in the most diverse city in Aarklash gives the Cadwe a unique set of experiences. Gain two background points that must be used for city related purposes (GM’s decision).
Quick to Fight: At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and chose the result you want (basic power from 13th Age)


One with the world: Sessairs are born under the stars. They are a tough, hardy people who are used to living off the land. Gain two background points that must be used for nature/wilderness purposes (GM’s decision).
War Cry (Quick Action):
Once per battle a Sessair character may let out a great shout adding damage equal to the character’s level to the attacks of all nearby allies until the end of the next turn and dazing 1D2 nearby enemies in a group (con or cha based attack vs. PD, save ends).


Sometimes an escaped clone will make its way to Cadwallon.
Biogenic construct: The combat clones are grown in chemical tanks, gain a Damage Resist 12+ to poison.
Endocrine enhancers: The clone’s body has ways to boost adrenal output during combat. Once per battle, the clone can force itself into this heightened state.
Option 1: An extra attack
Option 2: more powerful attack (d4 or d6 per level)
Option 3: Change initiative order and a free move action
Feats: Add poison damage to the attack


Although they preceded the humans, the minotaurs are not from Aarklash. This race comes from Shenroth, an elemental Realm which has many contacts with Aarklash. When the minotaurs first appeared on the continent, they were welcomed with the respect owed to the wise scholars coming from a mythic land. Reasonable and well learned, they established friendly relationships with other populations, especially the centaurs and the giants.

When the men of Kel came from another land, the minotaurs became the heralds of a dark prophecy announcing a terrible war which would be wrought by the humans. They gathered around them representatives of all the races living on the continent but were unable to drive the humans back.

After this defeat, many minotaurs went back to Shenroth. The others who remained did not believe the prophecy or had lost faith. They were assimilated by the first Kelts and slowly lost their cultural heritage. The humans remembered the minotaurs once were powerful emmisaries and chose this figure as their emblem.

Minotaurs add +2 to Str or +2 to Wis

Large: -2 to hit and damage in small spaces (DM’s discretion)
Clumsy Fingers: -2 to checks that require fine motor skills like thievery (DM’s discretion)
Imposing Bulk: Cannot wear heavy armor but gain a moderate difficulty save to resist any ability that would force you prone.
Thick Hide: Gain +2 to AC
Anguished Charge: Once per battle, when reduce to half hit points or below, the Minotaur can make an immediate gore attempt against the creature that hit her. Attack is str, dex, or wis against AC and deals 1d8 x level + str.
Champion feat: Choose a nearby enemy to target in addition to the triggering target. Move yourself accordingly. This is still a free action. If there is no other target, the damage dice become 1d10 as both horns are now utilized for the goring attack.


The orcs were created by the Scorpion to be soldiers. There was a problem with the cloning process and the Orcs rebelled. They fled the deserts of Akkylanie and settled in the wild lands of Bran-o-Kor. The Orcs are strong and their culture is a straightforward one. They are a laconic people who have an appreciation for brute strength.

Orcs get +2 Str or +2 Wis

Primal Connections: Orcs may not be wizards (sorcerers and shaman are okay, however)
Brutal-  Option 1: Orcs add level bonus to hit and miss damage in melee
Option 2: Orcs drop damage resistance one category (so DR 12+ would become DR 16+). The problem is that Brutal only applies to Melee/Physical attacks and most DR is elemental based. Physical DR seems rare enough to make this be a “who cares” sort of an ability. This also seems complicated.
Option 3:
Created for Battle: Once per battle, rally as a quick action.
Adventurer Feat: This recovery is free


A wild and intimidating race, the Wolfen reign where the “civilized” peoples did not impose their corruption. Nobody can evade their animal fury. The origins of the Wolfen are lost in the mists of time; their legends, passed on orally through the ages, claim that they would have been born from the union of Yllia, the moon-goddess, and from the most powerful of all the wolves.

Wolfen add +2 Str or +2 Dex

Trappings of Civilization: Wolfen cannot select the Sorcerer or Wizard classes. Also, they cannot wear armor.
Blessings of Yllia: Wolfen priests can access the Moon Domain. Due to their quickness and thickness of their fur, Wolfen are always considered to be wearing the heaviest allowable armor that does not confer a penalty for the purposes of determining AC. Ex: A wolfen fighter would calculate AC based on Heavy Armor (but no shield). A wolfen bard would calculate AC based on light armor.
Jaws of the Predator: When attacking in melee, if a wolfen rolls an 18+ they bit their foe for damage equal to 1d6 x level + str.

Large: -2 to hit and damage in small spaces (DM’s discretion)

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