Monday, September 21, 2015

Longmont Paint and Take

On Sunday there was a Cultural Resource festival at the Longmont Museum. It was hosted by the Grey Havens YA group and the theme was Geek Day. Spreading and encouraging geekdom (geekhood?) being a cause near and dear I volunteered to run a Paint and Take. The idea being to introduce people to my primary hobby by letting them paint a miniature and then take it home. I got some donations of old RAFM and Grenadier miniatures from the community at large so I used those, some GW Fantasy figures (skeletons and goblins I had laying around), and some Reaper Bones from the Bones II kickstarter (I'm never going to be able to paint all of them).

I arrived and got setup. I only had two lights so table coverage was a little sparse, but there were huge windows behind the table that more than made up for the lack by providing amazing natural light. I'd totally paint here again. At least during the day:

I should have had the foresight to request more than two chairs as things spiraled out of control pretty quickly and we had to steal some:

The table remained full throughout the day with one little lull right around 3:00.

Everyone came curious and seemed to leave happy. I had a good time helping people choose colors and helping them with their math (we learned about piecewise functions). Since it was the first time painting for most people, I didn't spend much time talking about technique. The only blot on the day was I didn't manage to get pictures of each and every miniature painted. Some of the kids painted two, and I only got the chance to take pictures of one. Other children ran off before I remembered to take the picture. Here are the rest of the pictures. I think the vampire is my favorite of the figures I photographed, but they all look great and I couldn't be happier about the turnout. It prevented me from checking out the rest of the fair so something went right.

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  1. Thank you for being a part of Geek Fair! We saw a lot of young people who were very proud of their miniatures and of the math they learned. You helped make the day very special! -Kelly from Grey Havens YA